Saturday, March 21, 2009


In the process of introducing Coen van Wyk (who can be contacted at 033 9400293 and to you, you are referred to the following images, the questions that accompany them and the replies to the questions contained in the link, "Introducing Coen van Wyk (continued) that follows the questions.

1. The brutally handsome individuals depicted on the left are my erstwhile South African Air Force flying instructor and I.

2. Why is Spitfire TE566 flying in formation with Harvards? (Right).

3. What's up with this 40 year old space-age type of
intrument? (Left)

4. What is this chick, with sword in hand, going with scales? (Right)

5. Why have you never seen one of these
motor vehicles before? (Left)

6. What gives with this stack of Bibles? (Right)

For answers to the questions that accompany the images, click on the link, "Introducing Coen van Wyk (continued)" that follows here below.

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